Weekly Update 4/29/12

Hello guys GFan 202 here. Before we start the update, I want to Congratulate to The 100,000 Strong for Megaman Legends 3! For showing Capcom and the naysayers, that they can reach the goal. Also Congrats on the Devroom for the Weapons Design Contest to boost up the likes. Since that has gone out of the way let’s get started!


If you remember my last post a couple few months ago, about Bandai Entertainment shutting down for good. Then on Wednesday Bandai has release 2 anime titles on Hulu.com. The titles were a historical anime called, Sword of the Stranger and Jin-Roh(yet another of my favorite anime movies). Also there’s another anime series that is going to be dub, and that is Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn Episode 5. Hmm, I think that Bandai is trying to make on last effort to be back in the game! So here’s the thing, when MSG: Unicorn is out. Go and Buy this shit, so we get Bandai Entertainment Back. 

FULL INFO: http://ani.me/zine/home/article/2674/


Speaking of bringing things back. I posted up a video from YouTube video friday, of  Legendary anime Voice Actor Steve Blum. He said that, “We should tweet on the #Toonami on weekdays and tweet on #BringBackToonami on Weekends”. With that video that I posted, I got 2 likes and 6 re-blogged that post. So now I started a movement for all Tumblr Fans who also want Toonami back.

Also, former producer for Toonami’s programming block Jason DeMarco was promoted to Vice President on Friday, April 27, 2012. He is now responsible for creating and executing promotional marketing programs that grow each network and supervising Tunner’s AYAKM special events and trade marketing activity, including the Cartoon Network and Adult Swim Advertising Upfront programs. So a former Toonami producer is now Cartoon Network’s VP. Now that’s news that I ‘m looking for. So guys keep on Re-tweeting and you guys Re-blogging. Let’s make our voices heard around the world that we need Toonami back!

FULL INFO: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-04-27/toonami-producer-demarco-promoted-to-cartoon-network-vp


Now this have been steaming in my gundam helmet for days now! No not that picture that I’ve posted up. Some Japanese asshole writer from GOW, say that we were not good for relationships(link to Feb. post) and not marriage material!? Also they have this list of what kind of otaku that not suitable for tying the knot for. Here’s the three:

  1. ANIME OTAKU:  The stereotype associated with these types is that they “stay indoors all day, watching and recording anime.” But for females who are already homebodies, these types may be the perfect catch. Find some anime geared for older audiences that you both can totally get into, and then you’ll find it super easy to get along with and date this type of otaku. However, anime may just be the starting point for some of these otaku; with figurines, doujin, seiyuu and the like, the breadth of these type of otaku can be very wide. Check to see just how far your otaku guy is into anime as well as be aware of what your own tolerance level is.
  2. IDOL OTAKU:  Recently there have been people labeling themselves as “idol otaku” but in the general sense, the types who primarily go only to concerts or meet-and-greet events should be within the girl’s tolerance levels. However, it can become difficult being in a relationship with a type of guy who always holds a love for young pop stars and pin-up girls. Therefore make sure you have a strong acceptance for each other and aim to become a married couple independent of the idol scene.
  3. GAME OTAKU: The number of couples who are into console or MMO gaming together is increasing. Sharing the same interest provide a good means of intimacy with one’s partner. However, if the wife is not into gaming and the husband just games all day, discord may occur in the relationship as a result of having nothing to talk about.

Is that’s all of it? No there’s more of it, after you finish reading this. I mean, how dare you think that we are not Wife and Husband material. Will happen if some otaku writer from Weekly Jump, talk you and the non-otakus about the same shit you gave to us. Sure even though we love anime, gaming, Superheroes, etc. But that’s in our nature as nerds and you have to accept it. That’s what’s term for, “Nobody’s Perfect” comes from. So same on you for putting on that magizine! If a person reads this and commit suicide for it. You sir or madam will have shit load of lawsuits in your hands.

 FULL INFO:  http://ani.me/zine/home/article/2670/ 


Ah stride, the Gum that I’ll never give you away. Now I heard that you became super heroes, created by Suit Designer of Patlabor and RahXephon Yutaka Izu- wait…what? Wow another weird shit from, but this shit is awesome! Suit Designer of Patlabor and RahXephon Yutaka Izubuchi is creating a group of superheroes, from Gum Brand Stride. Gantz live action suit designer Dango Takeda created the costumes for the commercia,l based on Izubuchi’s work. 

As you can see here. The heroes name Stride Endless(Green), Stride Allday(blue), and Stride Everlasting(yellow). The commercial will premiere in Japan on May 7. But if you got the chance Izubuchi, we will love to see those guys at Comi-Con 2012.

FULL INFO:http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2012-04-24/patlabor/rahxephon-izubuchi-designs-stride-gum-heroes


This for all the Fangirls and Fanboys(gay”not judging”) out there. At Saturday through today, we give gratitude to our favorite Homosexual, Chainsaw welding, Grim Reaper Grell Surcliff. So if you’re a Grell fanatic, or a DIE hard one head on to the link below, to praise on his DEADLY charms.

FULL INFOhttp://blackbutlerofficial.tumblr.com/

Well that’s it for the news today, if you love of what you have read like it. If there’s a story that you want to spread around Reblogg it. If you come with me for more news coming soon, then follow me guys and gals! This is GFan202 saying, “GO! GO! STRIDER RANGERS!”